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Noah’s Ark



I have to say, today I saw the most unusual rendition of the story of Noah’s Ark. Set up on stage for Sunday Service, seven children (Noah and his family) donned construction worker hats and started hammering away at the play structure Ark, that was set up on the stage. The pastor had to raise his speaking volume several times, in order to drown out the sound of the hammering. Besides a multitude of stuffed animals peeking out from various crevices and holes of the Ark, there was also a cage on stage which contained two live chickens and a duck. Several instances of clucking and quacking occurred during the abbreviated sermon, lending an air of authenticity to the whole production, and a general sense of bemusement. The pastor’s daughter — owner of the feathered cage inhabitants, later told me that the chickens behave themselves better when they are together with the duck, a fact I found to be rather interesting.

Have a blessed week