Fish Camping

Fish Camping takes place during the time span of 1996 to 2002. It is a collection and recollection of family adventure travel stories, with a dash of humor, and involving culinary tidbits for the reader to devour. The stories usually take place during summer on the way to see family and relatives in Germany and France. Cultural observations are duly noted and expanded upon on these trips. Further travel stories take place in the USA, exploring California, Oregon and Arizona. A brief visit to the East Coast is included too. Numerous watercolors and drawings enhance what has not been left to the reader’s imagination.

Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit

This book is a color version of Fish Camping bringing the stories even more to life. It also includes a new story which takes place in Oakland, California.

Front Cover - Fish Camping

Front Cover – Fish Camping

Front Cover Sea Shells

Front Cover – Sea Shells

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