January 1, 2016

A quiet morning. Coming downstairs, I hear the tap-tap-tap of a tail on the floor (attached to a dog) joyously greeting me. I’m dog-sitting, and Moana knows it’s almost time for her walk. The tea kettle whistles, as I put on my shoes and down vest. I let the tea steep for a few minutes, before adding just a little milk. OK girl, time for your walk. It is frigid outside, but there is no frost this morning. Some of the trees have raindrops from yesterday hanging from their branches, a pretty sight, reflecting winter around them on a small-scale. As we walk along the long path, I come to a spot where hundreds of little acorns, no larger than a sunflower seed are scattered all over the path. Surly of keen interest to any squirrel that may reside in these parts. I pick one up to admire it, and playfully toss it near Moana. It is ignored however — she prefers sticks and stones, or an occasional soccer ball. It is completely still all around, a blanket of silent gray hanging over the valley.

I wonder what will the new year bring? Only you know God, but I thank you for the peaceful beginning today.

Early December

It’s astounding how a week or two of chilly nights can finally send the leaves on the trees into their “OK, I guess it’s time to change color, and drop a few” mode. Some of my favorite trees in the neighborhood have the full spectrum of fall color ranging from green, to yellow, to orange, to red. With due diligence I may be able to solve the mystery as to what kind of trees they are. They are a joy to behold.

I saw a young woman with cat ears yesterday. Adorable. I think they were leopard ears. This information was relayed to my cat Calvin of course.

Lights can make such a difference: I drove past a construction site in the dark of night last night, and saw a huge crane that was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. Quite tall it was too, towering silently over the residential area around it and adorning the area with Christmas cheer.

Have a good second Advent tomorrow and in Germany it’s also “Nikolaus”, or St. Nicks Day. Don’t forget to set your shoes outside, and hope for the best.

Thanksgiving 2015

Thank you God for a place to go for Thanksgiving tomorrow and a good excuse to bake some pumpkin pies! Thank you that although far away, my sons are healthy and well. Bless the day tomorrow for people to share your goodness and bounty. In Jesus name, Amen.