Picky, picky, picky

Occasionally I have lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant, that has a very reasonably priced and delicious bento box. As I walk towards the entrance, I see one of the chefs and a waitress sitting outside talking to each other. I make my way inside the restaurant and sit down at the counter. I always like to come shortly before lunch closing time, as the restaurant is a bit more quiet then. As I sit down, two women are already sitting at the counter eating their meal, and are talking non-stop. Sigh. But, I’m here, and I’m hungry.

The waitress takes my order, and brings me a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon (my favorite), some chopsticks, and a napkin. The waitress that was outside now comes in, sees me, and says: “Oh, you snuck by me!” She then grabs my chopsticks, stuffs them in the water-glass, and asks if I would like a menu. I’m at a loss for words first, look at her a bit perplexed and reply: “Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I already ordered my bento box, and that water was just fine until now”. “Oh my gosh” she blurts out, “I’m so sorry”, “I’ll get you some new water”. I smile, and tell her it’s OK.

My bento box comes, and I start to eat, determined to enjoy it, despite the continuing non stop chatter next to me. A sip of tea, another sip. I notice that the woman next to me has left about four pieces of very appetizing looking sushi on her plate. I contemplate: it looks like they have finished eating, will they leave soon? I weigh having to listen to more chatter, against the prospect of an early departure on my part. Yes! The waitress brings their check, and they finally pay and leave. The waitress turns her attention towards the plate of the departed customer that has the sushi on it, to take it back into the kitchen. I ask her: “May I please have that sushi for my cat”? She tells me: “Sure, sure, let me get you a box”. Patience is rewarded. I then finish my lunch.

Now get this: I come back to my apartment, and serve the fish to Mr. Calvin. And what do I get? An upturned nose, as he sniffs at it, and walks away. “Do you know, what I went through, to get you this?”, I raise my voice. My displeasure is sensed immediately, and a very rapid retreat is made from the kitchen.

Evening update: Apparently someone’s appetite has returned, and the fish was finally eaten. Lucky for you buddy, I was considering withholding canned food, until you do. Other cats would fight over this. Sincerely: the other resident of the apartment.

Have a blessed Sunday and week, and may more than one piece of fish come your way — quietly…


CloudsWaking up to sunshine late on New Year’s day is such a delight. My four-footed friend had made the meowing request for a an early morning “please let me out”, and obliging, I fell back asleep afterwards.

A few days ago, I saw these amazing clouds, as I was on the freeway, being passed by cars left and right, as usual. To me, the large shape looks a little like a ship traversing the seas, the waves lapping at it. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky,

May the Lord smile upon you, in this just begun New Year.

4. Advent

4. Advent 2014Rain and drizzle continue, translucent raindrops, glistening at the tips of branches. The ginkgo trees have lost almost all their leaves by now, the sparse remaining few that have not been swept up already, lie dormant below the trees. The rain makes me contemplate an outing to the North Bay, where a summer trickle always turns into a winter torrent — where the salmon make their way back home. Although I have never seen an adult salmon in the stream, I have seen  plenty of fingerlings. The smell of the trees there is heavenly.

As I walk by a gymnasium, I hear noise coming from inside. A party it seems. I spy an Elmo balloon in a window, then another one, a third, and looking through the next window at least a dozen more. An Elmo party! It looks adorable to see so many Elmos. Kids are jumping about in between the balloons. I also pass I would say, an about five to six-foot tall inflated gorilla on the way to the supermarket. The specimen is dressed in bright red attire. A Santa Claus gorilla — what will the obnoxious sales people think of next?

At the store I find some sunflower seeds and a delightful seasonal specialty: peppermint ice cream. With much satisfaction, I notice on my walk back, that the ridiculous gorilla contraption has deflated. I come by a yard and see a man putting up a wooden manger scene: simple and beautiful — and a true reflection of the season.

Today is the 4. Advent, represented by the candle of love. May the son of God give you peace in your heart today. Amen.

3. Advent

3. Advent 2014The late afternoon sun peeked out just a bit behind the clouds a few days ago, after the deluge of rain that came during the day, so I decided to take a walk before the sun set completely. I remember that last December was almost completely dry — what a difference to this year. Reservoirs rejoice.

As I looked up, I saw a bird sitting on top of the highest telephone wire available. I couldn’t tell if it was a mourning dove or a pigeon, but it was fluffed up, and just like me was enjoying the last daylight.

Today is the 3. Advent, represented by the candle of Joy at Christ’s birth.

Have  a blessed Sunday and week.