3. Advent

3. Advent 2014The late afternoon sun peeked out just a bit behind the clouds a few days ago, after the deluge of rain that came during the day, so I decided to take a walk before the sun set completely. I remember that last December was almost completely dry — what a difference to this year. Reservoirs rejoice.

As I looked up, I saw a bird sitting on top of the highest telephone wire available. I couldn’t tell if it was a mourning dove or a pigeon, but it was fluffed up, and just like me was enjoying the last daylight.

Today is the 3. Advent, represented by the candle of Joy at Christ’s birth.

Have  a blessed Sunday and week.

Book update

My book “Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit” underwent a minor change this week. The content is still the same, but I took advantage of the printer’s offer to upgrade to their premium paper for free. It is now printed on 70 lb. paper, making the pages less translucent as well as making the book a bit thicker (fattening it up for the winter).

2. Advent

2. Advent 2014After service today, I strolled through the farmer’s market, as I often love to do. Green all the way today: some great looking French beans (the thin ones) and some fresh celery (with celery it is always important to buy organic, as it tends to soak up everything). And yes: besides the nourishing vegetables — a glazed donut too — not organic.

On the way to the car, I walked by a bank that always has some stuffed bears in the window that make me smile. To my surprise: two polar bears, instead of the customary three black bears! A pleasant arctic change of pace. To keep the cold in perspective though: I then saw a man tying his Christmas tree to the top of his car: “Pretty cool, tying a Christmas tree to a surf rack — only in California”,  he said to me and grinned, as he saw me looking at the tree logistics.

Today is the 2. Advent: symbolized by the candle of peace — the birth of Christ.

Have a blessed Sunday and week. In Jesus name, Amen.

November 26

Thank you God for the hazy warm sunshine this afternoon, the beautiful golden and crimson maple leaves, the little girl with the big eyes and green parrot t-shirt who was dancing a “Frozen” dance next to my table in the diner, oblivious to the world around her, except for a glance at my milkshake, and my fresh smelling sun-dried laundry.

Milk and Butter

I climb up the steps to the alley to walk to the supermarket. I really like walking through the alley. Its quiet, with almost never a car, only the occasional “blue monster” (the garbage truck) in the early morning usually — My cat Calvin’s arch-enemy. Trees line both sides, and often a sumptuous surprise, such as a lemon, may be found on the ground. Having walked a few blocks, I hear some rhythmic tapping coming from between some fence boards, My interest is piqued, and I look through a small opening between two fences to see a girl tapping on a bucket. She is so completely immersed in her activity, that she is oblivious to me. After watching and listening a bit, I start to clap my hands in the same rhythm. Stopping momentarily, she turns to look at me, surprised and with a smile. An orchestra in the making here. I wave to her, as I walk on.

In the next block, I admire a huge old tree with enormous leaves. I would guess the leaves to be as big as dinner plates, with half of them covering the ground already. It is like standing under a huge umbrella. Fall is in the air, you can sense the change in seasons.

I buy only a few items at the market, as this is not my regular grocery store. The price these days of milk has gotten astronomical, as have most dairy products, due to our ongoing drought here in California, so I switch from my usual half-gallon of milk to a gallon of milk. Drama in the dairy section. Oh — that’s a nice surprise — Tillamook butter is on sale — it is sweeter than the generic brands too — that’s one happy consumer here. A few tomatoes hop in the basket to complete the expedition, and that’s it for today. On the way back, I stop at the library. The librarian smiles at my bags of groceries, as I check out a DVD. Perhaps I should have checked out a cookbook. Efficiency indeed today.

Have a blessed Sunday and week

October 31

Three very nicely decorated pumpkins sit on top of a chair outside the apartment next to me — two very small ones, and a slightly larger one, sitting in between them. They are looking directly across at a pumpkin of medium stature that I carved — well to be precise — poked a few holes into. My pumpkin looks like a doofus — deliberate on my part. I wonder what they would say to each other, if they could talk — plenty, I’m sure. The rain from last night has eased up. I hope it stays that way, so the kids can have fun tonight, going trick-or-treating.

On another note: today is Reformation Day, almost overshadowed by the armada of orange pumpkins. An important date in history, nearly five centuries ago, attributed largely to Martin Luther. Interestingly enough, it has also been a national holiday in Chile (a continent away), since 2009. Martin Luther would be surprised I’m sure.

OK, time to fill the bowl with Hershey’s kisses — orange ones of course. My cat Calvin will be most curious as to all this hoopla and excitement.